Monday, February 14, 2011

David Hamilton - A favorite photographer I keep returning to. x

girls, bikes, flowers, free love, fun,escape

English but based in St-Tropez, France, David is almost certainly the most popular and successful art photographer the world has ever known. Much of Hamilton's work depicts early-teen girls, often nude. He produces dreamy, romantic image which have been the subject of some controversy. My favorite  'Editions de la martinere' .

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Come and enjoy a great promotion from Marie Claire magazine xx

 Purchase the march edition of Marie Claire and indulge in a 40% discount of my favorite piece in the Winter 11 collection. 

Vanderbilt Trench $495
Offer available while stocks last.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My favorite alumni

Miss Porters Alumni

Sarah Porter founded Miss Porter's school in 1843. The school grew with the encouragement of a group of Farmington fathers, who wanted a superior education for their daughters. A few of my favorite alumni below whom have inspired the Fleur Wood Winter 2011 Collection

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Onassis
(July 28, 1929 – May 19, 1994)  Wife of the 35th president of the United States of America. 
Dina Merill
(born December 9, 1925) 
 American actress and socialite.

Edith Bouvier Beale

 (November 7, 1917 – circa January 9, 2002) 
American Socialite and model. 

 Please read the great article written in Vanity Fair magazine. The link is here for you

My favorite cookbook

Ottolenghi Cook book is my favorite cookbook this season
This book has inspired my husband Nick to cook. last night we cooked the Meatballs in tahini sauce. Our favorite recipe is the sweet potato and sage gritan. 

"Ottolenghi draws on a wealth of culinary traditions – with a focus on the Mediterranean basin – providing inventive yet honest food, anything from a lemon and mascarpone tart to a grilled mackerel with olive and raisin salsa, made only from the best basic raw ingredients."

Fleur Wood loves rust this winter

The Fleur Wood winter collection pays homage to the color Rust. 
The sought-after 'New Black' this winter. 
Check out some runway inspirations from Fall 2011 Isabel Marant and Marc Jacobs.

Fleur Wood is now exclusivley stocking Pink Lou Lou

Once upon a time on a small island called Tasmania just off Australia a girl was born.
Known by the name of Skye, she grew up with a love for horses and adoration for her mother's beauty and style. When Skye came of age, she first moved to Melbourne and thenSydney, got inspired, then got sentimental and in 2009 created an enduring symbol of friendship for her girlfriends – the Map of Tassie necklace. If you're Australian, the Map of Tasmania will strike a chord. If you're not, it won't but look at the shape! What's more important is that offering was the start of Pink LouLou, an eclectic and crafted ready-to-wear jewellery brand that salutes personal style and gold stars caring gestures. Pink LouLou is inspired by times past, as much as it is by flicking through fashion images and combing weekend markets. We follow trends but don't hang off their every word. Poignantly, each piece of sterling silver and gold Pink LouLou jewellery is made in Australia and made with love.