Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Indigo In The Air

Our wonderful buyer and visual merchandiser, Dani, discovered this beautiful range of jewellery called Indigo In The Air, created by expat Sydneysider Micaela Nisbet. The range uses raw crystals and sterling silver to create chunky, one-of-a-kind rings. Of course, being crystals, they also carry their own unique energies, which I love. The crystals include citrine, smokey quartz and amethyst as well as more obscure ones such as white apophyllite and pink stilbite. I think they are a great complement to my current winter range, which has just started dropping in store.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Winner of our Valentine's Day Competition is...

My most romantic moment has to be my boyfriend’s wedding proposal. We were holidaying in the South of France and he had secretly smuggled the ring in his suitcase and snuck it out to the pool with us one day. While I wasn’t looking he started to recite some French travel phrases, absolutely butchering them with his strong Aussie accent. He kept repeating a certain phrase over and over and saying “do you know what that means?” while I tried to block out his rambling. Eventually I turned around to see him kneeling with a ring, to which he finally managed “it means ‘will you marry me?’” Of course I said yes and we are getting married in 2 weeks, and I will be wearing Fleur Wood’s incredible Blushing Crinoline wedding dress!

Congratulations Ursula, you are the winner of our Valentine's Day Competiton.  A second congratulations is in order, for your upcoming wedding.  We hope you have a very special day.

Thank you to everybody who entered our competition we had an amazing response and lots of really great entries which made it a very tough decision. 

Wishing everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it got me thinking about how romantic acts can happen at the most unexpected times.  They don't have to be over blown, big gestures; and sometimes it's the smallest, well-timed action, that really shows how well your partner knows you.  These are the romantic encounters that stick in your mind and the memories you hold dear.

The most romantic thing that happened to me was when my boyfriend surprised me on the eve of my Sydney fashion week debut and turned up completely out of the blue. He’d been reporting on a revolution in Nepal, of all places, and said he might be there for weeks. But he managed to slip out, get a late-night plane and hightail it to Sydney via Bangkok. He even called from the plane, making it sound as if he was still in Kathmandu. Now that boyfriend is my husband.

If you would like to share the most romantic thing that anyone has ever done for you please email us and our favourite story will win a special Valentine's Day treat - $500 Fleur Wood gift voucher and appear on our blog.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter 2012

Our Winter collection has just arrived in store and having recently come back from Christmas in the UK, I’ve given a lot of these pieces a test run.  I love the beginning of a new season, when you can revamp your wardrobe by adding new pieces to your existing collection and I really feel like our Winter line titled Barbizon, is great for doing just that.
 I’m particularly obsessed at the moment with the inspiration for the range, New York’s infamous Barbizon Hotel for Women. From the 1940s through to the ’60s, it was a breeding ground for the fabulous, the soon-to-be-famous—and a few that never quite made it out. It was essentially a boarding house for the well bred, many of whom moved to New York as young ladies from the Mid West, some with modelling contracts, others attending secretarial school, or those simply on the hunt for a wealthy husband. All of them armed with youth, beauty and a dream. Its former residents reads like a who’s who of the times: Sylvia Plath, Grace Kelly, Carmen dell’Orrefice, Clorice Leachman, Joan Crawford, Candice Bergen, Ali McGraw, Jaclyn Smith, Liza Minelli, Cybill Shepherd, Betsey Johnson, Edith Bouvier Beale (aka “Little Edie” of Grey Gardens infamy)… I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Vanity Fair described the imposing building on the corner of Lexington and E. 63rd as an “elite dollhouse” in an article a couple of years ago. It was certainly that, and so much more. The Barbizon has become that most glamorous of urban legends.

You’ll recognise some familiar and evocative names among the collection: the Bell Jar Cardigan, Charm School Dress, East 63rd Coat, Kitty Foyle Blouse and Stork Club Pant. Just add dreams…

To read the Vanity Fair article on The Barbizon in full:

Charm School Dress, East 63rd Blazer

Stardust Allure Dress
Morning Star Dress

Jaclyn Blouse, Lillies Skirt