about fleur wood

Fleur Wood is the creative force behind her self-named label. At twenty-three she took two years out and lived in a nunnery in the Indian Himalayas designing ranges for a culture-preservation project of the Tibetan exile government. Upon returning to Sydney she launched her own label, which - call it good karma - has enjoyed exponential growth.

Fleur Wood includes a range of homewares, clothing and accessories made from luxurious fabrics utilising both classic and modern designs. Beautiful and delicate with a contemporary bohemian edge, the ever evolving style epitomises individuality and self expression.  'Every item in our collections is a little piece of luxury,' explains Fleur.

Fleur roams the world in search of the best textiles and craftsmen to create her designs, which she supplies to leading boutiques and popular labels worldwide.   She continues to travel extensively throughout India and Europe, meeting up with hand embroiders in Delhi, drawing inspiration from flea markets in Paris and the heartbeat of New York.

The range brings together cultural divides and juxtaposition of styles: ethnic prints mix in with hand-stitched French embroidery.   "I enjoy the juxtaposition of styles and mixing the unexpected. Whether I am putting something ethnic on a vintage fabric, or using vintage styles in contemporary colours, the result is modern, individual and timeless. I love creating these pieces and hope that my customers get as much joy owning items from my range, as I have designing them.'  

Fleur believes that company profit comes after personal integrity and she continues to donate a percentage of profits to charity. Customers can feel better knowing that no animal products are used and a percentage of company profits go to charities in India.