Monday, May 20, 2013


I wouldn't say that I'm particularly bothered or obsessed with detail.

Don't you love a quote that utterly contradicts the entire signature of a famous artist?
Wes Anderson's films are made of the most delicious details. The apparently unnecessary details and nervous tics that end up BEING the story.

Margot Tenenbaum is a great example. Will we ever find out why she only wears an old Lacoste tennis dress and a dank mink coat with too much black eyeliner? No, of course not. Her clothes are her character and she is meant to be an enigma.

Then there is the little cotton dress worn by the teen heroine in Moonrise Kingdom. It's a dress that is too elegant for a child and too small for an adult, so it's impossibly beautiful.

I even like the yellow brunch dress worn by Mrs.Fox in the fantastic Mister Fox. It's as if Wes imagined Catherine Deneuve in fox form and got her 1968 hem length just right.

It makes good sense that Prada chose Anderson to make some short films for their fragrance CANDY. He has that way of fusing luxury with whimsy that is just his. Maybe he is the only director on earth who makes you want to wear a particular starchy dress, or tennis socks or an ironed tuxedo shirt right now. But I'm not completely sure about old mink the colour

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