Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fleur Wood is now exclusivley stocking Pink Lou Lou

Once upon a time on a small island called Tasmania just off Australia a girl was born.
Known by the name of Skye, she grew up with a love for horses and adoration for her mother's beauty and style. When Skye came of age, she first moved to Melbourne and thenSydney, got inspired, then got sentimental and in 2009 created an enduring symbol of friendship for her girlfriends – the Map of Tassie necklace. If you're Australian, the Map of Tasmania will strike a chord. If you're not, it won't but look at the shape! What's more important is that offering was the start of Pink LouLou, an eclectic and crafted ready-to-wear jewellery brand that salutes personal style and gold stars caring gestures. Pink LouLou is inspired by times past, as much as it is by flicking through fashion images and combing weekend markets. We follow trends but don't hang off their every word. Poignantly, each piece of sterling silver and gold Pink LouLou jewellery is made in Australia and made with love.

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