Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vanina Sorrenti a true icon

Great fashion photography is so inspiring for my work, and I’m always drawn to those photographers with a strong visual identity. My current favourite is Vanina Sorrenti. Not only is she Mario Sorrenti’s sister, but her younger brother, Davide, who died when he was just 20, and also their mother, Francesca, were also photographers, so that talent must be in their blood.

She actually started out in the industry as a stylist, so I guess that’s one of the reasons she understands fashion photography so well and how best to show the clothes while creating unique images.

Vanina’s work can be beautiful and dreamlike and innocent on one hand—when she shoots in natural light it can be quite magical. But she also works with the digital overlaying of images, say a naked girl superimposed on another shot in which she’s clothed. The effect can get a little spooky, but the end result is always compelling. I hope you find these pictures as fascinating as I do.

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