Friday, October 28, 2011

Hat tricks

Spring racing has hit the racetrack—and for many of us it's more about the fashion than the fillies. A fabulous hat is the finishing touch to every race-day outfit. I particularly love vintage styles, as seen in fashion photography from the 1950s and Old Hollywood films. A small hat can be easy to wear, and won't overwhelm a beautiful dress. Marlene Dietrich wore hats particularly well, such as chic hats with veils that covered the eyes and even sailor styles. At the opposite end of the style spectrum, huge-brimmed hats are spectacular (and are also good for keeping the sun off). Take a lead from the '50s, when sweeping skirts were balanced by hats that curved gently from crown to brim. And whether you go small or large, floral trimmings are especially beautiful—you'll be perfectly placed in the trackside gardens.
Check out our favourite milliners:
Neil Grigg:
Sandie Bizys:

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