Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Edward Mapplethorpe

There’s nothing like a little serendipity while travelling. When Nick, Billy and I were in New York recently, we went for lunch at 'inoteca in the Lower East Side and Billy started working his charm on the table next to us. As it happens, one of the people at the next table was Edward Mapplethorpe, brother of Robert Mapplethorpe and an acclaimed photographer in his own right. Quite aside from his abstracts and nudes, he is also renowned for his portraits of babies, particularly 1-year-olds. He is currently working on a book of these portraits. Billy must have really played his cards right, as Edward offered to take a portrait of him. We’re crossing our fingers that this photo finishes up in the book, too. But either way, I wanted to share this picture of our gorgeous boy. How adorable?

Check out Edward's website:
If you're ever in New York be sure to look him up and get a portrait taken of your kid.

Portrait of Billy Bryant by Edward Mapplethorpe

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