Friday, March 2, 2012

Small Spaces

There’s a real move towards living more simply, that’s also tied in with leaving less of a footprint behind us. One part of this is living in smaller spaces, with fewer possessions, but those possessions are made to last, from beautiful materials. My good friend Sarah recently opened a shop in Surry Hills called, appropriately, smallspaces. A lot of the furniture and storage solutions come from Denmark and also Japan, where living in small spaces is a constant. There’s a certain minimalism at play in what Sarah has chosen for her shop, but also quirky, fun little touches and some great artworks. One idea is that the few pieces you have should be multifunctional, so there are side tables that double as stools, and ottomans that can also be used as side tables. Whether your space is small or not, you’ll find something beautiful to take home with you.
smallspaces, 674 Bourke St, Redfern; (02) 8399 3144 

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