Friday, August 24, 2012

Venice Jewellery

When we shot our Spring lookbook, we were looking for the perfect jewellery to complement the collection. When I discovered Venice Jewellery, I knew that we’d found our match. Sydney artist and designer Venice Rish is behind the label, and many of the items are one-offs and beautifully handcrafted.

I love the more romantic pieces, especially the square pendants with etchings of a couple kissing. There are slightly more surreal pieces, too, such as the foot pendant and then the more whimsical, such as a butterfly-like figurine.

There is also a great selection of cuffs and rings that range from the simple and slightly graphic to the ornate. Some pieces look like beautiful works of art, while others almost look like vintage Venetian pieces.

The collection is also made with beautiful materials including 22ct gold, sterling silver, onyx, turquoise and dichroic glass, which resembles opals.

I hope you enjoy discovering more about Venice Jewellery.

The Royal Foot Silver Necklace, $185
available at Venice Jewellery
Winged Body Necklace, $745
available at Venice Jewellery

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