Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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I have to share some big news. My husband Nick has accepted the position of BBC correspondent for the United Nations in New York so, in turn, I am going with him for the adventure, setting up an office for my label in New York and jumping feet first into all the things I love about the big apple.

We are in a tumult of planning right now and I am designing a winter collection but one thought is to settle in Brooklyn. I am so looking forward to exploring nearby places such as Mexico, Cuba and South America and letting all that bring a new spice of life to my lines and our family life. Our Sydney studio continues to blossom as I begin to mobilise and yes I will be running two offices. It's not that unusual for a fashion label.

The change is a bit BIG, but It's a nice thought that we will be travelling into another summer and that the children will have a major three dimensional geography lesson. Manhattan is mad. But there is tranquility too. Expect future blogs from obscure Brooklyn tea rooms, the community gardens in the heart of the city and the courtyard at MOMA, my favorite place in New York by far...so far.

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