Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers Day

Thank you to everyone who has sent in messages about their Mum’s – it’s lovely to hear about such inspiring and loved Mothers. I have found each message extremely touching and it has been very difficult to pick a winner. 

Congratulations to Catherine Gallois on her winning entry:

Cancer. Mastectomy. Alcoholic husband. Great losses. Nonetheless, she brings none of that to our lives, but instead: Unconditional Love. Steadiness. Joy. Endlessly giving spirit. Inspiration.

more of our favorite entries below. 

Career suspended,Two decades and four daughters,Long suffering loveElegance defined,
Exotic delights inspire:Culinary chicDreams revived: fiend ofMuseums; Educator, Dancer, Heroine
Natalie Adams

After spending decades looking after children (her own & others), she’s now rediscovered her
 passion for writing and has just been offered a publishing deal.
Shehana Teixeira

This year, Mum volunteered in Nepal and built houses for women in need.
 She also donated $5000 dollars to the cause which builds 250 houses.
Amy Tucker

My mum has a beautiful, generous spirit. Every Christmas she makes 3000 cakes to be donated to homeless people – and I couldn’t be more proud!
Victoria Flanagan

At 54, my mum isn’t a style guru, socialite, or retired-model turned world ambassador.
 She's my mum and that's all the inspiration I need.
Megan Richardson

My Mum is inspirational because...... she brought up three beautiful girls whilst working full time, completing a degree then a masters degree and is now studying for her PhD. She is courageous, strong, committed and determined and I believe they are inspirational assets for any mother to have.
Kylie Hannam

Mum I’ve been doing the figures...16,424 meals 5,400, loads of laundry, 14,700 hugs
6,570 bedtime stories, 18 birthday cakes.... & all from one mum <3
Colette Bassett.

She volunteers, she sews, she crafts and she gives. She dances, she
smiles, she loves and she lives. She is my MAMA.
Kate Dubauskas

Wishing inspirational Mums everywhere, a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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