Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book Break

Beautiful design books have always inspired me, and I love having them in the studio to flick through when searching for inspiration.

Here are three of my current favourites

Creative Walls is a wonderful interiors book, which shows how to group things together, collect things and display them in your home. That may sound like something very simple, but it¹s truly an art. 

Sibella Court¹s new book The Stylist¹s Guide to New York is like a treasure trove of secret haunts in the Big Apple, from flea markets to posh shops, places off the beaten avenues where you¹ll find intriguing and interesting things for interiors. I¹m even more excited that I¹ll be able to check some of them out when I head to New York this week.

The Selby website is a longtime favourite of mine, full of cool people in cool living spaces. Now we can all take the book home to our own homes‹and pray we don¹t get style envy.


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